• The struggles of bluetooth

    I’ve had struggles with bluetooth and linux for as long as i can remember.

    When you want your Headset to work you have to add/remove like a 1000 times, delete add again, change to a2d2 and pray. Definately plug and pray! This involves every distro I have ever tried and every bluetooth adapter I have tried.

    Does ANYONE have a beter experiance then me?

  • But this bluetooth issues with headsets and a2dp is not related to Linux it is the same under Windows…
    I get it working here with this:


    But also problems with driver and firmware on bluetooth chips are all the way comming and going, i have 3 dongles with different chipsets and regularly have to change them…

  • I have no issues in windows 10, none. Works every time.

    Sadly I have to have a windows partition on my desktop for gaming. Thanks for the link but it does not solve my problem. I dont want it to autoconnect, i want it to work :).

  • Hi,

    Bluetooth works for me, but sometimes I got what I call “delayed” sound, so the video does not synchronize with the sound.

    And yes, I had to connect/disconnect several times until it worked.

    What always works for me is connecting manually (I know it’s not ideal, but it works).

    1. Run bluetoothctl in a terminal

    You’ll see there your bluetooth devices, check which one is the one you want to connect (copy the hardware address with the mouse).

    1. Power on your bluetooth with power on

    2. Connect to your device with connect HWADDR
      (you have to substitute HWADDR for the address of your device, obviously).

    This works for me 100% of the time.

    You can check your device with pavucontrol. If it does not work, make sure it is configured to use A2DP


  • Thanks for trying guys, but still have the same problem. Takes 5-10 reconnects to get it to work.

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