• Plasmashell crash

    Guys, since I am using my new laptop, I sometines have strange plasmashell crashes. The effects stop working after the plasmashell restarts itself and the only way to get them back is a system restart. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?

  • @Jeannie____ , I, too, am experiencing such random crashes, as I have reported on another user s question. My hardware is not new, a 2008 Dell Latitude.
    What I have noticed, is that after restart there are updates in the pamac notifier. So, when I m getting updates often the crashes happen more often. When not so often, then I don t get so many crashes. On the rare occasion there are no updates in the day, I don t have crashes. Can you check it as well? Maybe I should have uninstall pamac and see for myself.

  • I don’t have pamac installed. The crashes usually occur when I start applications that put some load on the Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU, haven’t noticed that they are related to pending updates

  • Not sure, but have you tied to change the Compositor settings? Try the different scale methods and Rendering settings. I am using Smooth for scaling and OpenGL3.1 without problem. If OGL3.1 gives you problems try to go back to 2.0.

  • I doubt that using OpenGL 3.1 would cause problems for my GTX 1060 GPU.

  • I can see that newer nvidia cards, or the driver itself have some problems (or more and more …) for me i need to set nvidia-card to: allow flipping inside Open-GL setting (nvidia-settings) and autoload this at login:

    nvidia-settings --config ~/.nvidia-settings-rc --load-config-only

    With this enabled i have no crashes caused by opengl, and a very very good smooth behavior!

  • @Jeannie____ , are you describing what happens when the panel Segfaults? If so, that seems to be a recent re-occurrence of an old (very) Plasma problem. It is also happening on my Intel-only machine and may be as simple as a bug-reversion in the KDE code itself, an Arch kernel problem, machine-architecture specific…you know the drill.

    What I haven’t done is look for an associated bug report.

    BTW, the tip about switching the compositor to OpenGL 3.1 is a good overall performance tip.


  • @c00ter
    I don’t know if the panel segfaults, as I usually don’t run my de in a terminal. What happens is the following: I start something like supertuxkart , the I get a message that the effects were reset dur to a reset. From that moment on, the efects stop working, the clock in the panel is standing still, I can’t click on anything in the panel and I need to restart my system to get a working de back.

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