• Hiding system users in lightDM log-in

    Here’s what the Arch wiki says about Hiding system and services users, at:


    To prevent system users from showing-up in the login, install the optional dependency accountsservice, or add the user names to /etc/lightdm/users.conf under hidden-users.

    I can edit /etc/lightdm/users.conf, but users.conf clearly warns me:

    NOTE: If you have AccountsService installed on your system, then LightDM will use this instead and these settings will be ignored

    Unfortunately, I can’t find a way of configuring AccountsService, or much about it except that it’s listened as an optional dependency. Can I safely uninstall it? Is there a way to configure it to hide users?

  • @roller said in Hiding system users in lightDM log-in:


    Hide user from login list
    The users for the user list are gathered by accountsservice. It will automatically hide system users (UID < 1000). To hide ordinary users from the login list create or edit a file named after the user to hide in /var/lib/AccountsService/users/ to contain at least:


    So i would not uinstall accountservice, it is used at Antergos by default afaik.

  • @joekamprad , thanks for taking the time to respond.

    Unfortunately, this solution didn’t work for me. I’ll pretend my user name is frank for the sake of this example.

    I created the file


    in /var/lib/AccountsService/users/

    and edited it to read:


    as you suggested. I also tried chmod on the directory, after reading:


    The result: I can’t log in, get a screen that says:

    An error was detected in the current theme that could interfere with the system login process.
    Load Default Theme Load Fallback Theme Cancel

    Nothing I click produces results. If I click the blue ‘change picture’ button at top right, it brings up the error message: ${i18n}

    I’m doing this configuration in a created-for-test-purposes VM, but saw this ‘error was detected’ theme before when trying to configure Antergos on an SSD.

  • interesting! i do not have a clue at the moment…but this seems to have a connection with this:


  • As Antergos uses a modified Lightdm-Theme and greeter (lightdm-webkit2-greeter ) it does not work the same way as a blank installation ArchWiki is based on…

  • I might have solved my own problem, Joe. It turns out that AUR has the slick-greeter.


    I might just go with that.

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