• Install on Macbook late 2008 not booting

    Hi all,

    On my 2008 Macbook Antergos boots from USB without issue, it installs all the way to the end no problems. But when booting the machine it always hangs on a black screen after the initial grub menu.

    I have tried:

    1. With / without proprietary Nvidia drivers
    2. With / without bluetooth drivers
    3. nomodeset
    4. I tried cmd&option boot, I got a mouse cursor this time, but nothing more.

    I’ve only tried Gnome as the desktop.

    Specs are: Macbook late 2008, Nvidia 9600 graphics, 8gb ram, intel SSD, core 2 duo 2ghz.

    Any ideas welcome.

  • do you replace lightdm with gdm as the wiki say?

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