• Why are there both wayland and xorg? [SOLVED]

    Hello everybody!
    I’m new to antergos and to linux in general but i’m learning a lot about it especially ArchLinux, i was wondering why the installation put wayland if the session is started with xorg? is there something useful to keep them both? I mean, shall I now choose one and remove the other? Or am i wrong and the wayland packages are just some dependencies of something? Thanks!

  • Depending on different hardware it is needed to have them both on installation.
    For Gnome it is the default way to use wayland for example.
    At the moment wayland is not completly ready for all systems (nvidia graphics), but it will be the default way to start Xserver in the future.
    On other hardware it is working (intel graphics).

    It is also a dependency of gtk3 and mesa as far as i know, so removing is not possible the simple way.

  • @joekamprad
    Thank you very much! I guess your answer is enough I will find the other things on google, I mark it as solved. Have a nice day!

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