• WIFI symbol ?

    After an update my WIFI symbol seems to have gone haywire…


    I have tried re-installing networkmanager witout luck.

    As far as I can tell the network still works, its just the icon thats wrong…

  • Which desktop environment are you using?
    Try to change the icons theme.

  • Well, since I posted in Gnome, that’s what I use ;).

    Good suggestion, Ill try when I get home.

  • Well, numix works. But adwita has the same issue, so its something else.

  • If I run the Network-Manager app “nm-applet” normally it works and shows up as a normal wifi icon. This must be a gnome issue.

  • curl 7.55.1-2 will fix the issue…
    current is: curl 7.55.1-1

  • Thanks guys, Ill wait ;).

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