• How to unlock files on CD-ROM

    Hi guys,
    would like to ask if anybody knows how to unlock and access the files on a CD-ROM? I have a CD-ROM with drivers on it. Would like to copy the files to my harddrive and execute, but they are locked. File manager shows a lock symbol on every file - also when copied to harddrive.

  • a right click schould let you modify this, for files you copy under your users home folder.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like the files on my harddrive are now unlocked. Nevertheless wenn trying to execute the .exe with WINE I get the same kind of error message as before:

    “To install the software, you must be logged on to an administrator account. Click [OK] and remove the CD-ROM to abort the installation. After aborting the installation, log on as an administrator account, then insert the CD-ROM again.”

  • what do you want to install with wine? and how do you setup wine?

  • I want to try to install a windows driver for a scanner. What do you mean with WINE setup? I just installed it, didn’t change any settings or so.

  • mostly scanners are working without a problem under Linux, also old ones.
    and there are:

    Winetricks is a script to allow one to install base requirements needed to run Windows programs. Installable components include DirectX 9.x, MSXML (required by Microsoft Office 2007 and Internet Explorer), Visual Runtime libraries and many more.

    Install the winetricks package (or alternatively winetricks-git AUR). Then run it with:

    $ winetricks
  • Thanks I installed an ran winetricks but I still can’t execute the .exe. Message stays the same, asking for administrator rights.

  • do you try to rightclick on the exe to choose install with wine?
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  • Yes I do. Then the error message appears, asking for an administrator account.

  • i do not use wine/winetricks, but as i say before, if you want to get a scanner working, i think it is betterto get native linux support for it, as i do not think it will work at all, to run the scanner using wine…
    can you give the model and manufacture of the scanner, so i can take a look if it will possible to install it native on linux?

  • I thought the original scanner software perhaps is more sophisticated. The scanner is: Canon CanoScan Lide 220

  • @nachbar said in How to unlock files on CD-ROM:

    Canon CanoScan Lide 220

    pacman -S sane xsane

    and Xsane is a very “sophisticated” application to do scanning…
    Bild Text

    For standard scanning i use simple-scan
    Bild Text

  • Ok thanks for your efforts. Then I’ll go with Xsane, which indeed is sophisticated (maybe too much so).

  • @nachbar said in How to unlock files on CD-ROM:

    Ok thanks for your efforts. Then I’ll go with Xsane, which indeed is sophisticated (maybe too much so).

    You can install both and choose depending on what you want to do…

    Xsane has also all this scan by pressing the scan button/send as email or Fax/Scan and Print i never try that options out but should be that you can make use of them if you need.

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