• Why certain apps can't lock to dock

    Why don’t certain programs lock to the dock? Most give you the option to lock on dock, but many do not.

    How can I get all to lock to dock?

    I’m using Antergos with Openbox.

  • It would be helpful if you could provide examples of programs that won’t lock. Also, is this a standard Antergos installation with gnome shell? Or are you referring to another dock.

  • @antimony as he say: Antergos with Openbox ;)

  • @vinoman Are you using Plank with openbox ?!?! (It is the default one if you didn’t change it.)

    I don’t know about the gui options since I am not using Plank currently but you can add the apps you want to lock into launcher folder in configs. That does work. See here for details,


  • Thank you.

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