• The Discourse forum engine

    There’s a forum engine called Discourse which is very closed to what this forum looks like, but provides a much improved usability.

    On the other hand, this is the current engine experience.

  • Your Video shows what happens inside Firefox…
    For me none of this “bugs” happen inside Firefox, Chrome based Browsers nor GNOME Web.

    And also not under Windows with Firefox and Chrome.

  • @joekamprad Seems that the problem is that the NodeBB forum engine is only designed to play nice with the default zoom level.

    For reproducing the problem, with the response panel at view, just zoom the page a little bit.

  • There are a couple of things:

    First the window size of your computer seems like a lot bigger than the one I’m using, which is 15 inches (the medium laptop size). So there you won’t notice how lacking the screen real estate is, more than in most webpages I have visited.

    Second, the default zoom level of my browser is 110%. Then the response panel bug happens always. Zooming out starts making the small fonts really small.

    But there are a lot of other small things. Simply put the layout is problematic. It only works well with either very big screens or with mobile screens, but not with medium screens.

  • 0_1503337784368_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-08-21 19-49-15.png
    I can see here on the bottom (footer container) the background of post editor goes transparent, if the sidebar comes in the way caus of small sized window… but this is may simple caused by the theme, and can be fixed.

  • I don’t know how configurable is NodeBB, so I cannot judge that. The generic theme of NodeBB doesn’t seem to be as problematic.

    In the Antergos forum the main issue seems to be the double upper bar, taking too much real estate. Likely it will also look better without some panels on the right. Still the default Discourse feels much more confortable.

    Nevertheless, if you need help just let me know. I have themed web-forums before and they looked very clean, as you can test in this forum and in this wiki. Futhermore they inspired the hole Ubuntu origami look and feel.

    I’m very interested in Antergos feeling welcoming to people, and seeing how it ends. Arch development seems far better than in other distributions, and the Antergos desktop configuration seems the closest to what I think it would be the best.

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