• Monodevelop crashes when loading projects

    Like the title suggests, everytime I create a new project (or load an existing one) Monodevelop simply crashes. At first I thought it was something to do with GT2 Form projects so I tested creating a Console app but it did the same thing; the program gets to where the project is created but then it just closes on its own.
    I installed it from the GUI manager (pamac?) and used the version that’s in the repositories since I didn’t want to wait too long for it to be compiled if I got the AUR stable release.
    This is a big deal since I program in C# in university and even though I can program in every language that I want (like c++ in qtcreator, which BTW works flawlessly), group projects are mostly done in C# since everyone pretty much just codes in that language. Anyway, I’ve been using Linux for the past 8 months without issues on Mono (Kubuntu) but after switching to Antergos/Arch about a Month ago I hadn’t tried to install it because vacations and I sort of need it so if you guys have any idea what’s happening, I’d really appreciate it if you could help me out.

    I need Monodevelop to work but it keeps crashing after creating or opening a new project and I need it for school projects.

  • @ChryslerMike I get the same problem. I installed Monodevelop to work in F#. But like yourself when I create a new solution it just crashes.

  • @ChryslerMike I managed to get MonoDevelop to stop crashing with this command:

    sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libgit2.so /usr/lib/libgit2-e8b8948.so

    As detailed here:


    Good luck!

  • @yves-cloutier Thanks! It worked flawlessly although a little bit too late that fixed it. Too bad I had to go with Qt for the project but I guess it’s fine since it’ll teach me more c++

  • Sorry to pull from the dead, but in case someone still encounters it:
    Had the same issue, after googling for quite a bit I found that I should turn off version control globally (Edit --> Pref --> Version Control --> General).

    Also, Jetbrain has Rider, a .net IDE which is really great for professional development (and hobbyist alike).

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