• Pamac GUI "Unable to lock database"

    Hey guys. Just curious, but every time I load the pacman gui front end for updates, I get a popup saying “Unable to lock database”

    I read up on it and people say to delete the /var/lib/pacman/db.lck file, but I don’t have one of those files

    Have any of you guys seen this before?

  • My VM install is doing that. I have to hit apply a second time and it goes through.

  • same here since yesterday or the day before yesterday…
    updating with pacman works …

  • Hit apply again as said before. Wait for pamac to reload and hit apply again. You ll get a message "another update manager is in use, wait for it to finish. Wait a few seconds and the update/upgrade process will start. Done!

  • Still, we are facing a bug with pamac here. Probably can be solved only with a next version of pamac. If it irritates you too much, then you temporarily may want to switch to the command line and do your daily “sudo pacman -Syu”

  • I read in another forum that it is a known bug within this version of Pamac. There is another version on its way.

  • Same here. Registered to find about about this. Pacman -Suy works fine though.

  • Again I think it’s worth pointing out that while it works on Antergos, pamac is a Manjaro project and has had other related issues (read this too) recently. Here’s the recent bug report pertaining to this thread that got closed for some reason: https://github.com/manjaro/pamac/issues/275

    I’ve gotten better recommendations for a gui updater including Kalu and Octopi (both of which I believe can be found in the AUR) – Kalu is nice because it alerts you when an installed package is no longer found in a repo or the AUR. Octopi is nice because it can update AUR packages natively whereas Kalu will just alert you about them unless you specify a custom AUR action in its preferences (which there are many.)

  • @d_K The Github thread got closed, because the problem was solved in Pamac This Kouros guy/girl is using the unstable version of Manjaro and therefore tests several apps before release.
    We’re still on Pamac, so it must be very soon when will be released.

  • @bpoerwo said in Pamac GUI "Unable to lock database":

    problem was solved in Pamac

    exact! ;)

    pamac is the default GUI package manager for Antergos, and it is working very stable at all, is very easy to understand and handle.

    And yes it is a Manjaro Project, but it is adapted to ArchLinux and Antergos.
    Antergos have there own package inside Antergos Repo, so devs can handle adaptions.

  • Since today a new version of pamac is available which solve the problem. :)


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