• Slow Animations on External Display

    Hello All,
    I’ve been using linux for last 2 years and i tried almost all distros. But the antergos is very stable and fast i am very happy with that. I have an issue with the external display. My laptop is Dell Latitude E7470 model and have FHD display everything is so smooth while using laptop screen with Gnome desktop although when i connect my external display ( i am using it as primary display and disabling laptops ) the animations go slowly . After i realize this i tested it with the different distros and same thing is happened. So i googled a little but could not reach more information with this. So do you have any idea about this issue ? Is the VSync can cause this if so how can i disable it.? I believe that it is not distro based . So what do you think ?

  • Does your laptop have a dedicated GFX card?

    Did you try and select an xorg session in sted of Wayland? (On the login screen).

  • It has Intel GPU with shared memory and i am on wayland already.

  • So like I said, have you tried XORG?

  • Now i switched it to Xorg . I will use a couple of hours and inform you.

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