• Install with LVM 2 drives

    Hi all,
    Antegros/Arch newb here.
    I did do a search and couldn’t find anything but please just point me to a manual if this is a rtfm ;)

    I want to install Antegros on my Desktop. My current storage set up for this task is
    1x256gb SSD
    1x1tb HDD

    I am moving to Antegros from Fedora where I could run the installer in Fedora and select both drives to install on to and it would do all the LVM stuff so I effective installed Fedora on a 1.25TB single volume.

    Has anyone done this for Antegros?

    Do I have to partition manually or is there a way in the installer to select both drives and have the installer do all the heavy lifting.

    So basically the end result will be everything is on 1.25TB over two drives showing as one volume and it will have all that space for /home and /[root].

    I am hoping to do this install tonight if possible.

  • @pantsignal There is a built-in way to configure LVM easily during installation, so I think you’re safe. I haven’t tried it myself, but having tried out the ZFS installation option, I don’t doubt it will go fine. Try it out in a Live session?

    The Antergos devs are awesome for making our lives easier! I hate them for not implementing BTRFS support though. I was gonna threaten to kidnap their wives and children and eat their catdogs, but eventually I took the annoying and harder path by writing a setup guide myself, which is almost done! Lots of blabla in there

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