• Block shutdown buttons dissapeared

    Hi every one, don’t know why buttons to block session, suspend or turn off has dissapeared in the contextual menu that is shown when click on the right top corner, now only show settings button at the bottom as u can see in the picture:
    0_1502826210915_Captura de pantalla de 2017-08-15 21-41-45.png
    Any idea?

  • @fgcaipe Did you by any change switch your docking extension or switch your lightdm to gdm recently? A reboot should fix that then

  • Sometimes it happens to me as well, mostly when I install new extensions. You can reboot it will be fine after then.

    If you don’t want to reboot, press Alt+F2, type r and enter. This will restart the GNOME.

  • @psscnp142 it worked like a charm! thanks!

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