• VMware Workstation Install Failed

    Hey guys. I’m a long time user of VMware Workstation Pro (all the way from my Windows days) and have been using it on every linux distro I’ve used. However, for some reason, I can’t install it on Arch and keep getting install error codes.

    Just to list what I’m doing:

    Download the VMware package from the website

    chmod the package

    sh the package

    It fails every time for some reason.

  • Can you post the log?

  • try without sh. Just “./*******.bundle”

  • I tried it and the same thing happened with the exact same errror.

  • @mach01dan But we dont se any errors?

    If you are talking about the icon thing you can try and change your icons and themes to gnome default, but i dubnt thats the problem…

    Also read: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/VMware#Troubleshooting

    for clues. I had many issues solved on the arch wiki with VMware.

  • Well I found the problem; it’s Wayland’s fault. I ended up installing it through Xorg and it works perfectly. Thanks for all your help @izznogooood

  • Well, I dont use wayland :). But now i know ;).

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