• When is Wayland used autommatically? After bumblebee install?

    I noticed something strange. I have two Antergos systems, laptop and desktop, with mostly the same software. The essential stuff is the same: GDM, Gnome, … but my laptop has a Bumblebee environment.

    I installed Synergy for more efficient working on both togther but it didn’t work properly on my laptop. After I read that it’s not supported on Wayland, I saw that magically Wayland was used by standard on my laptop, even though I never gave my machine permission to do so. Is this the future and are machines taking over my life. Does it contain AI that want to dominate me? Or does anyone know why Wayland was standard on my laptop and X on my desktop?

  • You gave it “permission” when installing GDM… Wayland is default in GDM unless you choose Xorg.

  • @izznogooood I had the feeling that could be the cause because it gets automatically installed with it. I just don’t understand why on my desktop, default was X. It has - or supposed to - practically the same setup.

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