• Can't get past the password prompt for CryptAntergos

    I recently installed Antergos to my hard drive and it seemed to install alright, but when I boot into it, I can’t crack the password needed to access the OS.

    Some of the text that appears on the screen around this time is:

    “Namespace lookup failure”, “Method parse/execution failed”, “Couldn’t find an interrupt end point”, “No caching mode page found”.

    When I set up the installation, I initially chose to encrypt the drive. Is that the password required? >

    When I tried the above password, I get a black screen with a white space symbol flashing in the top left hand corner. Since this seems to go on for a while, I assume that it’s not working, so I try something different.

    When I tried using the password I set up with my my user account, I get this message: “No key available with this passphrase”.

    Any suggestions?

  • If it askes you for a decryption password, thats what you gave as your encryption password. Not your user password.

    It seems you are caught in an EFI issue. Do you know anything about the EFI settings in your BIOS? I would recommend looking in your bios for something like Safeboot (Turn it of) and OS-Type, change it to other, not windows.

    You should not turn UEFI off (legacy) , and you might have to reinstall.

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