• Newbie having scrolling and mic problems

    I am definitely a newbie! I installed antergos this morning after having problems I couldn’t seem to solve on Linux Mint.
    I’m having 2 problems, one of them is probably a very small problem so I’m including them both on the same thread.

    Problem #1 I installed Gpointing Device Settings after reading another thread on here. I have my touchpad scrolling working like a champ, but as soon as I shut the laptop off, when I power it back on I have to uncheck the allow vertical scrolling and then check it again to get my scrolling working properly. Is there something I can do to make it remember? It’s a tolerable quirk but it’s annoying.

    Problem #2 This is the more serious question. I was using Ubuntu Studio to record our church services on Saturday night from our pa system (I pastor a little church in SC). Ubuntu Studio just wasn’t cutting it, too large an OS for too old a computer. I’m running a Dell, designed for windows 7 with 4 gigs of ram. The old Ubuntu Studio was working great but it has just become too large for this computer.

    Anyhow, when I plug a mic in at the house (the pa system is at the church of course) Pulse or whatever does the reading is reading it as head phones and not a mic. I looked in pavucontrol to see if I could just change the setting but it’s just not working. Any ideas?

    I’m sure I haven’t given enough info, but if you tell me the command to put in the terminal I’ll gladly give you the info you need.

    I drive truck regionally so if you answer tonight I might not get back to you until tomorrow night when I come home. I’m home every night, but it’s a lot of hours! Thanks a million!

  • At the login screen, can you please choose Gnome on Xorg and see if this might fix your problems.


  • @izznogooood said in Newbie having scrolling and mic problems:

    At the login screen, can you please choose Gnome on Xorg and see if this might fix your problems.


    I know I’m running gnome, but that’s about as much as I know. I don’t have a log in screen, just straight to my already logged in screen.

  • Then click on the upper right corner of your desktop and choose your username --> and log out.

  • @joekamprad I’m still working on this but it might be Saturday until I can get anything done. After work I have to replace a tie-rod end on my car. I appreciate the help and I will get back to you folks.

  • Well, I apologize, but I’m giving it up. It’s not that it’s so hard to learn, I just don’t have time. I know a lot of the commands for the ubuntu flavors so I’ll go back in that direction. I did find that my cell phone plugged directly into the pa system does a good job recording!

    Thanks for the help, it’s a wonderful distro I just already have to much on my plate!

  • I understand! 🥅
    Sorry that it does not work for you!
    But feel free to come back here if you have time!
    I would be happy to help!

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