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    @karasu said in zfs dkms error during linux kernel (4.11.6-1) update -unsolved:

    This shouldn’t be a problem. With each kernel update, zfs module and spl module need to be rebuilt. DKMS should take care of this, but of course, if this fails, you won’t be able to boot your system.

    Recent kernel updates didn’t trigger zfs/spl module recompilations anymore. Did someone put in place changes on how to handle ZFS with non-LTS kernels or do I have instead a configuration quirk since the last zfs/kernel issues and therefore dkms doesn’t trigger anymore?

    Thank you!

  • Hi,

    Either you have a precompiled module and then the spl and zfs packages must be updated with each kernel upgrade, or you have the dkms versions, which have to be recompiled with each kernel upgrade.

    Either way the modules need to be updated.

    Just issuing a lsmod | grep zfs you will see if you have the modules loaded or not (if nothing is shown you NOT have the zfs module running in your current kernel).

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