• Pepper-flash 1: vs

    After installing updates Pamac gives a warning that

    pepper-flash: local version (1: is newer as extra (

    Is this a new version scheming and I should reinstall pepper-flash manually or will this issue be fixed?


  • looks strange to me as is not newer then
    extra/pepper-flash is the actual version may you simple try to uninstall your local version and reinstall it after a:
    sudo pacman -Scc

  • From a human point of view might look newer than 1:, but for pacman it’s not the case. It would be interesting to figure out where the version 1: is coming from.

    $ pacman -Q pepper-flash flashplugin
    pepper-flash 1:

    Anyway, to install the older - for pacman - version, there’s no need to clean the cache, uninstall a package and then re-install it back again.

    It’s enough to allow pacman to perform not only upgrades, as usual, but also downgrades:

    sudo pacman -Syyuu

    The command will downgrade - for pacman - the 1: to the The warning will go away.

  • @just said in Pepper-flash 1: vs

    sudo pacman -Syyuu

    Good to know!
    As also cleaning the cache will clean off all of the chache and makes it impossible to make use of it later in any case…

  • @joekamprad said in Pepper-flash 1: vs

    As also cleaning the cache will clean off all of the chache and makes it impossible to make use of it later in any case…

    That’s true. Especially if an Internet connection gets broken after a breakage.

    But if a connection survives or restored after it, all versions of all and any package, without any exclusion, are available from Arch Linux Archive (ALA), with the history depth of about 6 years , down to somewhere near 2010-2011.

    Any version of any package may be retrived from ALA. 1-2 G for keeping a cache could be a wasted disk space, slowdowns for uselessly oversized system’s backups.

    I’m going off-topic. Sorry.

  • Back on topic.

    When I try to install two flash packages in native Arch, where I don’t have them installed, pacman picks both at version

    $ sudo pacman -Syu pepper-flash flashplugin
    :: Synchronizing package databases...
     core is up to date
     extra is up to date
     community is up to date
     multilib is up to date
    :: Starting full system upgrade...
    resolving dependencies...
    looking for conflicting packages...
    Package (2)         New Version   Net Change  Download Size
    extra/flashplugin   19.06 MiB       6.92 MiB
    extra/pepper-flash   20.55 MiB       7.32 MiB
    Total Download Size:   14.24 MiB
    Total Installed Size:  39.61 MiB
    :: Proceed with installation? [Y/n] No, thanks

    So seems to be a good, current version. I’ll “downgrade” pepper-flash from 1: to in Antergos, as described above.

  • Running sudo pacman -Syuu is the proper way to handle it in this case. The reason its necessary is because I recently removed pepper-flash from our repos since its now available in official Arch repo. I actually didn’t realize until seeing this thread that our package had an epoch version set on it 🤦🏻♂ Had I noticed I would have tried to come up with an automated way of handling the upgrade 😅

  • Thanks all for the explanation and the help, I just “downgraded” pepper-flash. :)

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