• Totem brightness too low and VLC pixelation problems when scrubbing

    Got Antergos up and running with no major issues except two. So far. :)

    1. When playing back videos in Totem, the brightness is too low. I went into the preferences and when I clicked on the ‘Brightness’ slider to increase it, the video was still playing (I could hear the audio) but the Totem screen went totally black. I had to reset it to default to get video working. Any ideas?

    2. So I thought, no biggie if I can’t fix the brightness in Totem, I’ll just install VLC. VLC has perfect brightness but, when I scrub the video, the picture will freeze (but I hear audio) and a few seconds later, it stars playing fine. Or, when I scrub, I’ll get horrible pixelation on the screen for a few seconds. I tried adjusting the Input/Output codec and adjust the ‘Hardware Acceleration’ methods but no matter what I pick, same problem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. If it matters, I’m using the Nvidia 384.59 driver for my 670 GTX.


  • For you second question.
    due you have the same problem with other movies and how big is the file that you are playing??
    It sounds like it be tight to your hardware.

  • @Narzul

    When I use MPV, no problems at all. Looks like the VLC issue is isolated to that program. I posted on their forums for assistance.

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