• More info to display in file manager

    Hi all, first time Antergos user here.

    Installed Antergos w/ GNOME in VM to try it out a bit before I install for real on my laptop. Loving the distro so far.

    I do have one question in regards to the file manager that comes with Antergos GNOME. The default file manager doesn’t seem to display the resolution of image files (e.g. 19020x1080), or the duration of media files (e.g. 00:03:15 of an mp3 file) when a file is selected.

    For example in Windows, I can get such information when I click to select a file, and these relevant information would be displayed at the bottom panel of the window.

    I’ve looked everywhere and it doesn’t seem to have such option to enable such display.

    Does anyone here have any experience with this matter?


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