• Screen Flicker When Booting Into Antergos (Not Hardware issue)

    Hello Everyone,

    I’ve noticed ever since I installed Antergos on my Dell XPS 13 (9350), as soon as I get to my login screen (GDM), my screen flickers (turns black for a few seconds) and then goes back to what I was doing.

    It happens every single time I boot into Antergos, so I wanted to ask if this is something I could fix if something is loading (video drivers, etc.) in the background?

    Thank you in advance for all of your time and help, it is greatly appreciated!


  • I have the same issue. About half the time, the screen goes black at GDM for maybe 1-2 seconds, and then goes back to normal.

    Never really seen any issues with it (the problem is also on Fedora 25 and 26) so I quit worrying about it. Would love to see an answer though.

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  • I would blame this to GDM, it is very buggy at the moment…

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  • same issue.

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  • Alright, I’ll chalk this up to being normal behavior then. Thanks everyone!

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