• KDE System Slow - kwin_x11


    My system is super slow and choppy (randomly, sometimes its fine) and this happens when kwin_x11 is stuck between 5 and 15% CPU load. They are for sure connected. When my system is normal kwin_x11 is no where to be seen (very low CPU load).

    Even after a reboot or shutdown it stays the same. I have to reboot 100 times before it decides to act normal. The system is not usable like this.

    I have the journalctl here - https://ptpb.pw/PVvb
    I have the dmesg here - https://ptpb.pw/O5aP

    I’m running on the System76 Galago Pro with the i7-7500u Intel CPU/GPU. I switch between the laptop screen at 1080P and my 42" 4K screen. The issue is much improved when at 1080P but is still an issue.

    Someone please help!

  • I have also tested switching to the LTS kernel without any change.

    I checked to see if there were some other intel graphics driver version that could be used but appears to only be one.

    I really need this fixed…someone!!!

  • Here is a weird detail that I don’t know if it’s related.

    So normally I have my laptop connected to my 4K screen at 4K resolution. Due to this issue I currently am doing the same thing but my 4K monitor is set to 1080P (cause it makes it usable, but still broken).

    For awhile now I have had an issue where my left click on my wireless mouse would have issues where it would stop working. I would click and drag and it would let go, or I would click and it would do a double click. I was 99% sure it was the mouse itself…but a few hours into running at 1080P…it seems normal…

    My other major issue is where plasmashell crashes 20 times a day seems at the very least improved at 1080P as well…at least so far today it has not happened.

    So it does seem everything is graphical related in some way and connected to this issue mentioned above (well maybe not the mouse but that seems odd).

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