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    So for awhile now I have been having lots of weird issues.

    Plasmashell crashes all the time and I am unable to find the cause (no one seems able to help). The reason for this topic though is because of another issue.

    Sometimes my system starts acting up. kwin_x11 will be stuck at 10% (between 5 and 10%) CPU load and then my entire system is slow and choppy during this time (almost not useable). This happens randomly. I will shutdown, reboot, kill the process and no matter what it keeps doing it. It just eventually fixes itself. It’s quite frustrating.

    I am starting to think that all my issues like this might be X11. Not that it should be happening and its just X11. I’m sure something else is going on, but I have not received any help.

    So my question is how do I use Wayland in KDE. I have installed the package from the repository but it’s not being used. I would like to be able to reboot right into Wayland (I don’t use the login screen currently).

    Second, is wayland (with KDE at least) stable enough for daily use. I assume it’s better than having Plasmashell crash 5 to 25 times per day?

  • have you done a

    journalctl --since "15 minutes ago"

    after a crash?
    The problems might be linked

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