• M.2 SSD via SATA III or via PCI-E x4?

    My (probably) new computer offers different ways to connect a M.2 SSD, Via SATA III and via PCI-E x4. As I don’t have any experiences with both standards, I’d like to hear some advice, what should I use?

  • @Jeannie____ I’ve never tried PCIe storage but I have tried the other two. Before I give you my opinion, what is your goal? Why the new computer and what will you do on it? Please give details like Windows 10 sends to microsoft

  • I want to use that machine for my daily tasks. It offers both, SATA III and PCI-E x4, so I wondered if someone has practical experiences with both standards in regards of speed.

  • Short answer: PCI-E is faster.

  • That’s not true. M.2 can be as fast as PCIe because it uses the same technology underneath. Also I would advice you not to waste a PCI port, because you might need it for something else in the future

    I’ve got a Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD which performs easily at GB/s throughput. Big numbers yes and they look great on paper, but the reality is that in real life you don’t notice much difference compared to a good SATA SSD, a Samsung 950 EVO in my case. Games load as fast, programs start as fast, the OS boots up as fast, etc.

    If it’s just daily computer use: programming, browsing, playing games, watching filthy videos, a good SATA SSD like Samsung or Crucial are good enough for great user experience.

    If you think a bit outside of the box and think about a situation where you might need to connect that drive to another computer or externally, a SATA drive will be much better for that due to more docking stations, external cases and motherboards supporting it.

    My two cents is: buy a good SATA (or M.2) drive with good performance, go for one that goes to the max SATA can handle, and good warranty.

  • I actually have no idea what else to plug into the two PCI-E x4 slots in that laptop but a M.2 ssd. Will go for a M.2 PCI-E x4 M.2 SSD for the OS. Still have two SATA III slots free for data hdds/ssds.

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