• Why is Intel processor microcode installed, I have an AMD processor?

    I installed Antergos, then a few days later when installing software, I found intel-microcode (with “For intel processors in the description”). I couldn’t see how I could possibly need it, because I have an AMD processor, so I uninstalled it.

    Well, when I rebooted, my system was hosed!!! It would not load, not normally nor in fallback mode both regular and with LTS kernel. I tried a few times and each time I got different errors! Something about a “missing device”… "Can’t load something because of block 0,0…

    Can the Intel thing really be the problem???

    Sorry no notes taken, as I was pissed to the max!

    Also How do I start up Antergos in a mode that outputs the details and highlites the errors, like I could in so many other distro’s? I don’t want to reinstall just yet, if possible.

  • @Zoidmo

    So, I have never seen someone that did this before. Probably, grub needs to be reconfigured since /boot/intel-ucode.img doesn’t exist in your system anymore. Or, you can re-install intel-ucode.

    In either case, you need a Antergos LiveUSB to arch-chroot into your system.

  • And for future reference, if you have an AMD the intel microcode won’t be loaded, so it does not do any harm, you can leave it installed in your system.

    Removing the package without removing its references in the grub.cfg configuration file is a bad idea (just a sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg would have done the trick).


  • @psscnp142 Hi again, I don’t like junk on my PC.

    Anyhow, reinstalling Antergos did not help, grub is messed up, but I still have access (Dual Linux boot with same credentials).

    The strange thing is that grub boots from MBR on my SolydK partition, and I can boot to it just fine as long as I keep the MMC card with the Antergos live image in the card reader??? Otherwise I get “device not found UUID=bla bla woof woof”, but the UUID (it’s for the Antargos partition) is 100% correct, and Identical in both fstabs…!

    I am on SolydK now, fixing this mess. Wish me luck!

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