• Cannot create download package list

    cnchi.log - https://pastebin.com/xQnUBUnK
    0_1502006900281_Screenshot from 2017-08-06 11-08-07.png

  • That looks like a faulty mirror or a faulty iso.

    could not open file /var/lib/pacman/sync/antergos.db: Unrecognized archive format

    and then

    Unable to create download queue for package numix-icon-theme-square

    But the package numix-icon-theme-square is fine, so I think the first error triggers the second one.

    Could you please try to:

    • Check md5 of your downloaded ISO just to verify that the download is ok
    • Burn again your USB. What did you use to burn it? I always use dd, but if you prefer, you can use etcher (http://etcher.io).
    • And try to install again. In the livecd, wait until cnchi is updated. Close it, open a terminal and run it again this way:
      sudo -E cnchi -dv --disable-rank-mirrors


  • Thanks, i will try.

  • @karasu said in Cannot create download package list:

    sudo -E cnchi -dv --disable-rank-mirrors
    0_1502008922034_Screenshot from 2017-08-06 11-41-23.png
    Not working.

  • Well, I’ll have to try it myself. Give me a few minutes and I’ll get back to you.

    Meanwhile, if anybody else has an idea…

  • I had this error a year ago, turns out it was something with the languages you choose (Hence the mirrors). Try leaving it default, keyboard and everything, then change it after install. Or manually select USA, I dont remember exactly what I did.

  • Hi,

    Tried here and works like a charm, so it must be a mirror issue indeed.

    You can force pacman (and Cnchi) to use a specific mirror.

    Check out this guide:



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