• Why do people hate systemd?

    @coqui Wyh do people hate systemd? It works like a charm for me so I don’t get the negative thinking around it. It’s a full set of them sexy working software!

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    Wyh do people hate systemd?

    I’ve actually wondered the same thing myself for awhile now. I’ve even searched for it online, but I can’t seem to find any concrete information! It would be great to actually find out😀.

  • Thank you @psscnp142😀. I remember reading that post, I just thought there might be more to it than that. But now I understand…

  • @EarthMind (and others)

    There are some potential problems with systemd (as psscnp pointed to), and there are some almost theological problems if the classic conception of **nix is important to you (this reddit thread [https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/5n069y/why_do_people_not_like_systemd/?st=j5zixd21&sh=c08c73e3] is a decent synopsis), but for me a lot of it involves relearning. For instance, I use single-user mode relatively often (no graphics, no concerns about jobs I’ve forgotten about running as other users) when I’m trying to tweak a system. Now “telinit 1” is deprecated, and it’s not “single-user” mode any more – it’s “rescue mode”, and I haven’t yet sorted out what the differences are. So you could call it “grumbles about having to learn new things” and you’d not be wrong.

  • There’s been gallons of virtual ink spilled in commentary over systemd vs sysvinit. It primarily comes down to philosophical differences, and who’s driving the changes and adoption of systemd within the Linux ecosystem. I think Red Hat, a for profit company, driving open source Linux scares many end users.

    Windows and Mac work perfectly for millions of people. I think diversity within the Linux ecosystem is good, including distros offering systemd-free platforms with more modern init like openRC. I don’t know why anyone would care if a distro offers systemd-free options or not.

  • I’ve read some more about this and can understand more the difficulties around systemd. These are technical and not political though.

    I also have an issue with it: the logs. Because they are in binary format it’s not easy to use external tools to analyse these, without the help of systemd. Binary also means prone to corruption, which could easily mean that whole log files aren’t accessible because of a part of the file being corrupted. And what if there’s an issue with systemd? Will that cause the log files not be accessible and make it harder to pinpoint the cause of the issue?

    I’ve also read about not-friendly behaviour towards bug reports. The size of the project, which makes it harder to find and solve bugs, more because of different people working on different parts on the project and not being aware of each others work. I’m not sure how true these things are though.

    Edit: I just saw that here’s an interesting read about the log files, which lists Lennart’s arguments of the improvements over text based logs. See here: https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1IC9yOXj7j6cdLLxWEBAGRL6wl97tFxgjLUEHIX3MSTs

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