• MATE desktop and firefox issues

    Fresh install of mate, Firefox has GUI issues. The dialogue boxes are empty and really small. The Options menu is unusable. Attached are screenshots.
    0_1501901097297_Screenshot at 2017-08-04 10-44-16.png

    0_1501901111625_Screenshot at 2017-08-04 10-44-39.png

    This does not appear to be linked to the theme, as changing it to other default themes did not solve the issue.
    The terminal did not display any errors or warnings.
    I have tried it on all other installations and it works fine. I also briefly tried it on Manjaro MATE and it works fine, so I do not think this is an upstream issue. Oddly Firefox is the only application that is apparently having this trouble. I tried other menus and all appear to be relatively fine.
    I had to do a fresh install with another DE for the time being as I mostly use Firefox on my PC and as of now it is unusable. This issue was present in the old 17.7 and the current 17.8 ISOs.

  • @illusiveman
    Hi friend!
    I read some posts already about a firefox issue. The fix from those posts suggest to switch the font in firefox configs, then just switch back to the standard font. Can you try this please and post if it works for you?

  • @fernandomaroto
    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, I did not consider forcing the DE to change the font, I was furiously looking at Firefox itself.

    To anyone who comes looking for a solution:

    Go to control centre -> Appearance -> Go to “Font” tab.

    In here, change the “Application font” to something else (I choose Dejavu Compact). Logout, login back. Everything is fixed. You can even revert back to Sans regular after.

    I am not sure what is going on, perhaps some config issue with MATE, but changing the font is probably forcing MATE to set the font properly? Anyway the issue is solved.

  • @illusiveman
    Hehehehe, i’m glad you fixed the problem.
    I know the bug is not Mate related (i by myself used mate and never had the issue) since the other posts were about other desktops.
    It seems that this randomly appear to someone, and it’s fixed doing this “font change” procedure. Weird!

  • @fernandomaroto
    I know! Its weird. I have used MATE for YEARS and never observed this issue. It would be interesting to know what exactly causes this issue so it can be fixed upstream.

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