• One CPU core is at 100% while the others are hardly used

    Hi everyone,

    (I am not a native speaker, so there could be several misspellings and grammer mistakes… Sorry for that =/)

    Since a while one of my CPU cores is fully occupied on startup, while the others are hardly used. I have already tried to find the process (with htop), which caused this load, but I have found nothing conspicuous. I also noticed that the core is already at 100% before the login with lightdm (I have looked with htop in the tty before a DE was loaded).
    So far, it has helped me as a workaround to restart the computer, then all cores are evenly used.

    Does anyone know the problem and have an idea why this could be and how to fix this?

    Here is some information:
    My processor is an Intel Core i7-6700
    My system is up-to-date (so I’m running Kernel 4.12.4-1-ARCH)

    Thanks in advance
    – Talvi

  • lspci | grep VGA


  • @judd
    Here is the output:
    01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM107 [GeForce GTX 750] (rev a2)

  • @Talvi Knowing a bit more about your video card may be of some help.

    Please, install inxi and one auxiliary package (6.94 MiB both when installed):

    sudo pacman -Syu inxi mesa-demos

    and post back here the full output of the command:

    inxi -Gxzc0

    inxi and mesa-demos may be removed at any moment later with:

    sudo pacman -Rcnsu inxi mesa-demos
  • Thank you for your answers!

    I followed the instructions given by @judd, but when I try to attach the tarball to my post, I get an error:
    “You do not have sufficient privileges to perform the action.” …

    but here is the output of inxi:

    Graphics:  Card: NVIDIA GM107 [GeForce GTX 750] bus-ID: 01:00.0
               Display Server: x11 (X.Org 1.19.3) drivers: nvidia (unloaded: modesetting,fbdev,vesa)
               Resolution: [email protected]
               OpenGL: renderer: GeForce GTX 750/PCIe/SSE2 version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 384.59 Direct Render: Yes
  • @Talvi said in One CPU core is at 100% while the others are hardly used:

    …when I try to attach the tarball to my post, I get an error:…

    Don’t bother about it. Antergos forum, as many others, doesn’t accept attachments from new users. Remain on the forum and it will be allowed.

    Back to your card.

    It seems to be of Optimus type:

    GeForce GTX 750

    Take a look at Antergos Wiki here. It explains how to take the most from Nvidia Optimus video cards.

  • Well… I don’t think, that article will help me, because I’m running on a desktop PC, not a laptop.

    From the wiki:

    Do I have an Optimus card?
    “Only laptops have these kind of nVidia Optimus card […]”

    And I’m not sure if my graphics card can be the reason for the CPU utilization… or maybe I just know too little about how these two things are related.

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