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    I haven’t messed with Linux in something like 12 or 15 years. I used to mess around with Slackware a lot so had to do a lot of tinkering to make things work.

    I tried a few distro’s recently and wasn’t really happy with them and things weren’t working right. I gave Antergos a shot and everything installed smoothly and works. I ran into an issue with my laptop not going into suspend when I closed the lid, but with some help sourced it to an issue with the actual NVIDIA driver and confirmed it with a couple other distros. With some help someone in the Gnome IRC gave me a work around that I’m happy with.

    Once I got that figured out I’ve just been running Antergos and using it like I’d expect. I want some software I just install it from the Package Manager and it works. It’s great having a Linux install that just works and I can use it daily without having to constantly fight with to make things work.

    I’m impressed … Thanks go out to everyone that works hard to make Antergos what it is!

  • Colour me similarly impressed too. I know it’s become kind of a right of passage for new Linux users to start with Ubuntu or one of its derivatives (Mint, Elementary) first, but Antergos runs so well out of the box I feel like it could potentially be a great starting place for Linux newbies (maybe keep them away from the AUR for the first few months, but that’s it). Of course, then they won’t appreciate it as much as if they came from the likes of Ubuntu, though. :P

  • @Arachnophobic said in I'm Impressed ...:

    I feel like it could potentially be a great starting place for Linux newbies

    I feel the same way🙂. As long as they don’t go crazy installing new software, they shouldn’t have any problems with the updates.

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