• R9 290: much higher temps than on Windows 7

    2 days ago I was modding on windows the bios for my vga, and the card was recording 40 degrees celsius when not playing games with the fan at 20%.
    Yesterday I’ve installed Antergos-Gnome, and Radeonprofile and sensors show a temperature of 55 degrees with the fan at 31.8%.

    That’s a huge difference. I’m using the os drivers.
    So my questions are:
    1-Is there a chance the sensors are reporting the temps and fan activity incorrectly?
    2-Does Gnome composite has such a big impact on gpu activity?If so, could compositing be de-activated?
    3-Any other ideas about what could be the cause of it?

  • A fresh installation can do this kind of loads, special if you have big devices or huge data like music or pictures videos…
    This is caused by tracker mostly (on Gome)
    You can have a look to what are the top loads of CPUS with top, htop or glances (you can install last two ones with: $ sudo pacman htop glances
    If you do not make use of gnome-music gnome-documents you can savely uninstall them together with tracker, this will reduce system load a lot!

    $ sudo pacman -Rsc tracker
  • But indexing music pictures and videos (but I don’t have any, anyway, I still have to migrate the data into the new pc) shouldn’t only affect the cpu?
    The cpu’s temperatures are fine, only the temperatures of the video card are the ones giving me troubles.

  • I’ve installed KDE and disable composite and all effectes just to test if that was the cause but I still get the same temp in 2d.

  • Oh yes you are right in a way ;)
    What you can try then is to use the prop. driver for your card:

    identify your card with:

    $ lspci | grep -e VGA -e 3D
  • These programs worked for another user recently…
    (thinkfan, fancontrol-gui, and fancontrol-common.)

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