• Including AWESOME

    Hi, I tryed antergos and it’s really cool.
    Is it possible to extend Desktop environnements?
    Using archlinux is efficient particulary on old computer and AWESOME is really lightweight.


  • @maaxoo66 said in Including AWESOME:


    You can choose basic install from Antergos-Iso and install Awesome no problem… we are using Archrepos + Antergos one.

  • Indeed.
    It’s just most simple to use antergos and selecting the desktop environnement.
    Configuring Xorg and awesome startx could be annoying.

  • There is the idea to have a special ISO for this in the community but this ISO do not include Awesome at the moment (as far as i know) https://sourceforge.net/projects/antergos-deepin/
    But you can ask @Keegan may he will include this or you can work together on doing this!
    As on the Main Iso for Antergos it will due to much work to include to much environments and keep them stable and up to date, this will be the fastest solution.

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