• ISO Refresh: antergos 17.8

    Notable Changes: Packages updated for the live and minimal install environments.

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  • This post is deleted!
  • @Velkerk said in ISO Refresh: antergos 17.8:

    ¿ Deepin, i3, Enlightenment, and Budgie? ¿Nvidia support?

    I am working on pushing out an updated ISO for all of that as we speak😀. (It’s actually being built right now). It will have many improvements, thanks to @karasu, with the exception of Nvidia support. That one will come shortly ;). When it’s ready, I’ll make an announcement on the Forum!

  • Thank you for all of your hard work, @developers! You have made an extraordinary distro😀.

    Thank you once again.

  • Can’t download iso or torrent because it redirects to yandex and yandex is blocked in Ukraine. Please fix.

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  • Linux kernel 4.12 also brings initial GTX 1000 Pascal accelerated support. There isn’t yet any re-clocking support so it’s going to be very slow.

    So may it is now possible to boot lifeiso with this cards?

  • Thanks for the work !!!

    Semper Fi


  • @lots.0.logs

    Found that when I installed the minimal version, downloaded the kde apps when I selected the gnome desktop. I’ve tried versions 17.6, 17.7, 17.8, and they all have the same problem. Example: normal and kde version of firefox downloading kde notif and other kde apps…

  • @unc i try to reproduce this, do xou mean installing with option Firefox from cnchi installer installs firefox-kde also if you choose gnome as DE?

  • @joekamprad
    Yes I chose Gnome DE, cnchi both downloading. firefox and firefox-KDE version
    also some other kde apps.

  • @unc o.k. i am checking this right now…
    here is the list of choosen packages with Gnome selected and Firefox:
    I do not have firefox-kde only two qt packages:

    qt5-styleplugins qt5ct

    But lets see what is installed later…
    sadly installation fails here completely: (also with disable rankmirrors)
    0_1502013298081_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-08-06 11-53-47.png
    Try now with virtualbox seems to install, but i can see firefox-kde is downloaded, and also the depending qt stufff on choosing Gnome disable chromium and choose firefox inside cnchi !!!
    But NOT installed then … after reboot to system only the qt stuff is installed, not firefox-kde:

    pacman -Qs qt
    local/qt5-base 5.9.1-3 (qt qt5)
        A cross-platform application and UI framework
        Additional style plugins for Qt5
    local/qt5-svg 5.9.1-2 (qt qt5)
        Classes for displaying the contents of SVG files
    local/qt5ct 0.33-2
        Qt5 Configuration Utility
    pacman -Qs firefox
    local/firefox 54.0.1-1
        Standalone web browser from mozilla.org
    local/firefox-i18n-de 54.0.1-1
        German language pack for Firefox
  • VM-tools included since when? The warm feeling when starting the live cd in a WM. NICE!

  • @joekamprad
    You are right
    It does not appear on the system after the installation is complete, but cnchi shows the downloading of the kde applications on the progress bar.

    During the next installation I will take a screenshot and add it here.

  • @unc Yes this is what i want to say also, firefox-kde is shown in progress of cnchi as download but is not installed at installed system then…

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