• pamac update manager does not start when clicking its icon

    Good Evening to the community.
    After a pamac update a few days ago to 4.9.0-1 edition, clicking both icons (update and install-uninstall) starts only the intstall-uninstall manager and not the updater (when clicking its icon).
    Updating is working fine from terminal (sudo pacman -Syu).
    (Plasma DE)
    Any Ideas?

  • Hmmm… I have not encountered this issue myself (on Plasma).

    What happens if you open Pamac and click the Updates bar at the top (located to the far right of the Search bar).

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  • The updates are no longer separated from the main app. Everything is handled from within the main app now.

    Cheers! :smiley:

  • @lots.0.logs so the solution is to …delete the updates icon :slight_smile:

    Many Thanks!

  • I have the same behavior, but:
    if you start ‘pamac-updater’ via a console the update button/ tab is activated.

    So the complete behavior is as follows:

    1. start ‘pamac-updater’ via icon the search button/ tab is activated.
    2. start ‘pamac-updater’ via a console the update button/ tab is activated

    I think that this is not the expected behavior.

  • @lots.0.logs That’s interesting, i went to check it out and noticed an “updates” tab. Do you mind if i ask you if this is a pamac developer change or Antergos developers? (just curiosity)

    Other thing, pamac tray will launch pamac-manager from now on or will stop working? (i don’t use pamac-tray anymore, but i’m thinking about new users that need to handle updates with pamac)

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