• New to Arch

    This made is easy to install, where I failed many time in the past try an Arch based distro. Thanks, Im sure I will have more questions

  • Hi there and welcome to Antergos!

    Glad to see you’re joining us and welcome to the community😀.

  • @gord welcome to the club :) although I would advise learning the Arch install guide and maybe attempting to go from a vanilla Arch and trying to get everything setup the “arch way” simply for the learning experience. I found that it helped me get a good base knowledge of how not only Arch works but how Linux generally works. I will say that the Antergos setup of LightDM is way nicer than the way it comes from upstream :D

  • Thank, I did try a vanilla Arch, I’m too old and impatient for that, a mouse is meant to be clicked, and terminals are meant to be watched with a good movie. But what is LightDM?

  • @gord I understand totally, I tried running it for a while and I just wanted to get in and running and Antergos was, and is, the perfect answer currently and it has been for years!

    LightDM is the login screen and greeter that you see when you boot into Antergos after all the system bios stuff that happens. You log in with it and switch desktops with it as well. SDDM is the KDE alternative, and gdm is the Gnome alternative, and there’s more. I personally have liked lightDM the most when I have pros already set t up for me like the Antergos devs ;)

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