• Running Antergos - Installing Grive stuck on: Progress, Preparing...

    Hi there running Antergos Linux 64-bit Gnome Desktop environment. I am attempting to install Grive according to: https://www.thefanclub.co.za/overgrive/installation-instructions-arch-linux

    I am at this point: . Getting Started - Launch overGrive Setup

    Start the application by searching for overgrive.

    Started install and it has been an hour and still at same point. What should I do?

    I have a double boot setup, Antergos and Windows 10. Hope all this information is sufficient to proceed.

    I could find nothing regarding this issue anywhere.

  • @AlainPaul
    Hi friend!
    I don’t use this package, but i’d recommend you to run it through terminal, in case of any error the terminal will probably show you them. Then you can post here and see if someone can help you.

  • @fernandomaroto The commands given in the link I provided are faulty. Do not work.

  • @AlainPaul ok, but you need to put the error messages here, so someone with knowledge can help you.

  • @AlainPaul ~]$ sudo pacman -U overgrive-3.2.x-0-any.pkg.tar.xz
    loading packages…
    error: ‘overgrive-3.2.x-0-any.pkg.tar.xz’: could not find or read package

  • @AlainPaul
    that means you didn’t download the package or are in the incorrect folder (the terminal must be launched in the download folder that you used)

  • Hi Fernando,

    Thanks for assistance, I really appreciate it!

    I went with Rclone, it appears to work very well. I am very happy with it and I have successfully downloaded it, along with Rclone Browser.

  • @AlainPaul ok, i’m glad you found an alternative.

  • b.t.w.
    pacman -U overgrive-3.2.3-0-any.pkg.tar.xz
    The command you are try to use, has a placeholder for latest package 3.2.3-0-any…

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