• Bluetooth patch for MT7630e

    Hello eveybody,

    I just moved to Antergos a few weeks ago and I’m happy with it so far. There is only one small thing that I can’t get through to do is my bluetooth working on the WiFi bluetooth combo chip.

    I have installed the WiFi through pamac (mt7630-pcie-wifi-dkms) which works fine, but it’s the bluetooth that I can’t get to work. I was using debian before this distro and I managed to get the WiFi working with an installation package made by neurobin at github (https://github.com/neurobin/MT7630E) and the bluetooth with a patch, which is also in the package as option (https://github.com/neurobin/MT7630E#try-the-bpatch-script).

    Now this patch doesn’t work for arch based distros, but could it be converted to work on antergos? Unfortunately I don’t have enough knowledge to try and if I do I’m worried about breaking the system.

    Could anybody help me out ? Is the bluetooth patch easily “translatable” to arch based systems ?


  • @Seany as you can see here: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/mt7630-pcie-wifi-dkms/?comments=all
    it seems to work for ArchLinux.
    But i am not the pro on patching PKGBUILDS may someone with more knowledge on this can help out here, if not i can take a look on time ;)

  • Hello @joekamprad, thanks for your attention. The patch in that thread concerns only the WiFi, not the bluetooth “bpatch”. I had came across it before. In fact I had already talked with the author, Neurobin, and said he doesn’t have time to deal with it right now, and he is only used to debian.

    Thanks for your help

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