• Screen tearing on Intel Display


    I saw a number of nVidia and AMD screen tearing posts but couldn’t find one on Intel so I thought I register an account here and ask.

    Machine: Dell XPS 13(9360)
    GPU: HD620 (Kaby Lake)
    Linux Knowledge: NIL (or close to NIL)
    Drivers: MESA and Intel Vulkan drivers(17.1.5-1)

    Problem: Noticeable screen tearing when browsing (Firefox). Search Wiki and saw some mention of installing Intel drivers. MESA was already pre-installed so I tried Vulkan (which is really supposed for gaming purposes I guess) and to no avail.

    I am really new into Linux (hate the telemetry and wish to break free from Microsoft) but not good in CLI at all.

    Hope someone can shed some light.

    Appreciate any kindness for a noob.

    Thank you

  • @godslayer I had to follow this article on the arch wiki, hop this helps as it works well for me :)

  • Hi n_mag,

    I managed to solve it by removing xf86-video-intel which was installed by default. Had read in Archwiki that some users have problems with this driver installed. Tested with some screen tearing videos on Youtube and confirmed its gone now.

    In all honesty, I wanted to try your method but I couldn’t make head or tails out of it (I’m a very fresh noob).

  • @godslayer I cant post what I did maybe tonight after work so you can see what I did. It’s pretty easy really but it is hard to get started with what it’s asking you to do because I thought the same thing you did.

  • @n_mag These two links should get you going.

    Start here to get you configuration file readied up.

    Then go here and add the option to you file. Remember to put it under the the middle section that is tabbed over and above the “EndSection”

    Should look like this below I believe.

    Section "Device"
        Identifier     "Intel Graphics"
        Driver           "intel"
        Option         "TearFree" "true"
  • @n_mag Thanks for the help!

    I give it a whirl since its late now over at my region. Plenty of time on Saturday to get me started :D

  • @godslayer for sure, sorry for the delay I got kinda busy :P

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