• XFCE crash

    From time to time I get XFCE crashing…
    Generally a reboot fix the problem, but not this time… :-(
    So now, upon startup I get a grey XFCE Desktop (no background), which is not a big matter.
    But my concern is that I also don’t get any icon (no trash, folder, computer, and none of the files I left on my desktop), ant right click on the desktop don’t work either.
    I can access my files on the desktop with a file manager but I would like to fix the problem.
    I found this thread on the forum : solved-can-t-right-click-on-desktop
    It seems to be similar to what I get but the solution (using dconf) is for MATE, is there a equivalent for XFCE ?
    Any other idea to help ?

  • Thanks Jude, sure, it should be easier to help me with the logs :-D
    Unfortunately it seems that I have insufficient privileges to upload them here :-(
    So I put the tar file in Dropbox (hope this will be convenient) : Logs
    I took a look to the logs, I don’t understand anything but somewhere I noticed that conky generated errors (négative size for widget) so I removed it, but it changed nothing after reboot)
    Also, I didn’t find /var/log/lightdm/x-0-greeter.log
    Thanks for help

  • @Patrick Have you attempted a tear down and rebuild of XFCE? XFCE is generally really stable I hear so this situation is unfortunate :P

  • @n_mag This is a good advice but I am a little afraid of doing this. XFCE is my only one desktop and I fear building a full non-working desktop. I think I should before add another desktop…
    So I start looking for tutos about adding desktops to antergos and rebuilding xfce and if you know some good ones, please share them.
    Also if somebody have a simpler idea, I would be happy to test it before starting such jobs… :-)

  • @Patrick if you want to install a light desktop as a replacement for xfce (while you’re fixing it) you could install LXDE or LXQt:

    you can install with:
    sudo pacman -S lxde
    sudo pacman -S lxqt
    Then logout, and somewhere in your login screen (i don’t know which one you’re using) you can switch from xfce to lxde or lxqt.

    OBS: you can have both of them installed, i never had problems doing thid, although some people state that may cause conflicts to each other.

  • **@fernandomaroto Hi Fernando !
    Thanks for your advice I really appreciate it !
    I tried to install lxde but I got a conflict between libgtk2 and libgtk3 :-( thus I cancelled and instead installed lxqt without conflict.
    Unfortunately I didn’t manage to access to it, disconnecting or rebooting always make xfce starting again, no choice for window managers… :-(
    But I think it was finally a good thing for me, as I started for looking another solution for my initial problem and I found it here.

    I just needed to do :
    rm -R ~/.cache/sessions/*
    start xfdesktop
    reconfigure the wallpaper

    And all is working right know. :-)

    Thanks to all for your help, I hope this thread will help another ones !


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