Since 3 weeks I have been testing Antergos and like it very much. Espescially the Openbox desktop is the most harmonious openbox setup that I have ever seen – very well done.
There are 2 issues that I have with Antergos.

  1. – pamac –
    Pamac froze several times and made the system unbootable. The fix was easy. I have uninstalled Pamac and replaced it by Kalu and tkPacman. Now everything seems to work fine and stable.

  2. – systemd –
    Systemd seems to me as a severe problem and is a strong reason not to choose Antergos as my permanent desktop disto.
    Systemd contains about 250.000 command-lines. So it is impossible to keep it free of bugs and vulnerabilities. Constantly it needs to be repaired. It tries to be more than just an init, hooks in all over the system and creates unnecassary dependencies (i.e. Gnome depends on systemd, but Cinnamon does not).
    My guess: these vulnerabilities are intended. The american government demands the option of potential access to every PC in order to prevent terrorism and crime. Systemd developer Red Hat is an american company and has to cooperate, if national issues are concerned. Most likely they are obliged to supply access for government spyware. But then criminals will have access too.

Systemd is convenient and functioning well – why worry about potential would-be problems? These are the major arguments of systemd proponents. But if you are setting up a rolling distro like Antergos, you want long term persistence and security. You then have to worry about what might happen in the future.

Therefore I would like to see a sytemd-free branch of Antergos – maybe just the Openbox version to start with.

Right now Arch-openrc gets restructured. The projects Arch-openrc, Manjaro-openrc and Manjaro-lxqt have merged to a new project, called Artix. They invite the teams of archbang and obarun to join the project. The arch-openrc team shall focus on the system base, while the other teams work on their user interface concepts. Currently they restructure the repo system, so that non-openrc packages do not accidentely overwrite openrc packages anymore.

If the Antergos team should consider to move to OpenRC, now would be the perfect time to join the project or cooperate with it. Because now the future directions of Arch-OpenRC will be set.