• Help with NVIDIA graphics on laptop

    HI. Sorry if it seems like I have done zero searching, but I have been for almost 2 days now. Maybe I just suck at looking for guides, but I will list what I have done lol.
    Basically, I got a new computer, and I have been using Arch for a while now, but I never had a dedicated graphics card with Arch before, so… yeah.

    So I’m using antergos, with the gnome environment and I can get it to install properly, because it appears to be using my iGPU, and I can even get it to boot post install.
    Then, what used to happen is that I would install nvidia drivers

    sudo pacman -S nvidia

    and reboot and I get a black screen with a blinking dash in the top left corner.
    However, after some searching, and fiddling around with, I found that if I uninstalled light-dm and install gdm, I can boot properly and login and stuff.
    side note: The nvidia-beta drivers from AUR seemed to not be worth it, because then I couldn’t install nvidia-settings because of package conflicts. However, idk if I need that to solve my next problem.

    Anyways, so now I have a system with the nvidia drivers (not the beta one although I can’t tell any difference besides the package conflicts), but when I plug in an external monitor, the laptop screen flashes like crazy for like 10 seconds then it acts like nothing happened, and when I go to “displays” in gnome settings, the second monitor isn’t detected

    so I looked at more guides, and tried installing bumblebee, then prime, and using bumblebee, I can get unigine heaven to run, and judging from the fps when I run

    optirun heaven

    it seems to be using the NVIDIA gpu so at least there’s that
    I also saw on another post somewhere that a guy was running glxgears and connected his monitor while that was running and then his monitor was detected, but not for me.

    The laptop I have is an Acer Predator Helios 300 ( G3-571 ), snd it has a gtx 1060 in it.
    Also, I looked in the BIOS and found no option to disable optimus
    Basically, I want to occasionally run games on Arch and connect to an external monitor, but I can’t lol.

    I would assume that a bunch of headaches could be solved by going back to ubuntu, but now that I’ve used arch I don’t want to go back, lol!
    edit: I had to remove a link to one of the many guides I followed because Akisminet.com was marking my post as spam

  • @arunscape Hey man. Quick question did you enable or disable to install graphic drivers when installing Antergos ?

  • I know my post may have been confusing so I’m going to start over.

    I did another fresh install and all I did was: 1)uninstall nouveau and 2)replace lightdm with gdm.

    So now, I have a working setup that appears to be running purely on Intel graphics. If I unplug the external monitor and plug it back in, everything works as expected, both of the monitors are detected, etc.

    There is no xorg.conf file in /etc/X11
    and in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/
    There is:


    If I install bumblebee, that seems to break my ability to output to the external monitor

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