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    I am looking for an app or something that will notify me when there are new emails.

    I don’t want to use an actual email program, just want to be notified when there is new mail. I am using KDE. I am hoping to have it in the systemtray.

    Is there anything out there?

    I did some searches and there were quite a few apps before but they all seem to be dead and not maintained anymore. (like 7+ years kind of thing).

  • @noobertroon for gmail?

  • Sorry, guess that’s good information.

    No through IMAP (myself will be using Fastmail)

  • @noobertroon https://www.reddit.com/r/kde/comments/6aedxt/something_like_mailnag_for_kde/ check this post, there’s some people with good solutions I think, especially the one that uses kde-connect

  • I don’t have a cell phone, so kde connect is a no go.

    Seems the only solution is installed the heavy Kmail and then having it sit in the tray. That isn’t all that idea because it means it will actually be downloading my mail which I don’t really want.

    It just needs to pull in the headers and let me know…hmmm

  • @noobertroon well I know at work on Outlook you can say to only download the minimal amount of information for the email until you open it, so maybe there’s that option for kMail. I didn’t use kde long enough on my Surface Pro 3 to get familiar with kmail. Currently on Mate :)

  • I ended up installing Kmail and setting it into the system tray.

    I guess it’s the only option at this time. Thanks

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