• Any way to stop auto-sorting in dolphin?

    Basically hate auto-sorting after pasting or directly after extracting files but would also like it to sort after a refresh or leaving the folder and coming back. Prefer the files to just paste/extract directly to the bottom at first then auto sorted when I want it to.

    I was very annoyed with this behavior when moving to windows 7, even edited the registry to stop it but that left me with no auto -sorting at all which would be just as time consuming if not more so and sort of just gave up trying to organize anything and just left a huge mess in a few folders.

    Is there anyway around this in dolphin?

  • @Bugs while maybe not the best solution, you could rename the files with numbers in front that will keep them in the order you want.

  • @n_mag Appreciate the advice. After making this post I have come across a number of qol features in dolphin, that made things bit better. Namely the ease of batch renaming and split view have made organizing things easier.

    Think I just got little too accustomed to how Windows XP works. I did use the OS for well over a decade. I’ll adapt though in time :)

  • @Bugs I understand. There’s a batch rename utility we use at work that is phenomenal but I haven’t had to look for a linux solution yet, although I’m willing to bet there is.

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