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    My BCM43228 has always been a bit rubbish. It often breaks after kernel upgrades and even when it works it disconnects and takes ages to connect at boot.

    Can anyone recommend a mini half pcie card that has just worked for them? All I need is n type wireless, I don’t mind losing bluetooth.

    On ebay there are loads of old chips for a few quid which wikidev says have ‘probable’ drivers, for example this one. Any thoughts on buying one? thanks

  • I would suggest you pay a bit more and buy an Intel card. (~15$)

    I had the same issue on my laptop, swapped with an Intel equivalent and works great. Maybe you can try Intel 7260?

  • Yeah, I’d also recommend an Intel. I’ve had already issues with a Broadcom not working out of the box, but Intel work wonderfully. On Amazon you can even find the latest m.2 wifi cards from Intel. I’d go for the latest one, as the price is not that different from the previous

  • @Deanodirector I did about 10 minutes of research so it may not be sufficient for a 100% for sure thing but I have seen some successful reports for this card

    If this looks good for you I would probably email tp-link and just double check with their support staff that it’ll work with the 4.11 kernel at least since that’s what Arch is on now. I would think that it would work just fine.

  • so should I pick one from this list? thanks for the input

  • @Deanodirector looks like a solid list

  • @Deanodirector said in Reccomendation for wifi card:

    so should I pick one from this list? thanks for the input

    Yup. Go for the ones with kernel support 4.1 and above.

  • I’ve ordered a 3160hmw. It seemed to be the cheapest 4.1+ supported wireless ac card. There are a few ‘intel 3160 doesn’t work’ posts in forums but I expect that happens for all cards. many thanks again

  • We just bought this half height pci-e card for one of our guest computers in our clubhouse after suddenly having wifi issues after upgrading Lubuntu to 17.04. We decided it was time to break free from Ubuntu’s constant breaking of of our equipment after updating so we decided it was time to make the jump to Antergos (Mate desktop).

    While installing Antergos we realized the little stupid “thumbnail” wifi adapter we were using (EDiMAX 802.11N Nano USB2.0) was cutting in & out - either because it was defective or it’s simply because our router is in the next building over though a brick wall - preventing the Antergos installer from downloading the new packages during the install.

    At first we though the Antergos installer had broken, but we realized it was because it wasn’t able to connect to the Internet even though it said it was connected, which was very frustrating to say the least. Also, we’re not sure if it was a driver issue because the Antregos live session was reporting a strong signal strength.

    Anyways, we went to our local computer store and the guy suggested one of these: http://www.shopsws.com/networking/adapters/tl-wn881nd.html (TP-LINK TL-WN881ND Wireless N300 PCI Express Adapter), he said was based on some “broadcom” chip which a lot of his customers were reporting works great with Linux.

    After installing this new card the wifi was finally working beautifully and we were able to complete the Antregos install process and get our clubhouse computer working great once again (no thanks to Ubuntu).

  • @heroglyphic If you’re worried about “constant” breaking of things, Antergos isn’t your ideal distro. Ubuntu would be better than. Not that I personally experienced horrible things with Antergos until now, but there are so many updates that it’s eventually gonna break badly. But still lovin’ it now though.

    If you decide to continue using the amazing Antergos, be sure to make backups before big updates. Or use btrfs and make snapshots before upgrades.

  • @EarthMind kinda off topic but I feel like the rolling distro stereotype is false. I’ve run Arch and Antergos for several years now and I have never had an issue with an update.

  • got the card. Works out of the box. I’ll have to wait and see how reliable it is

  • It’s working excellently. Many thanks again all.

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