• Problems installing antergos on NVMe drive


    I’m trying to install Antergos on a Dell Precision 5520 with a SSD drive and I’m having some troubles. If I let Antergos wipe the disk, the installation fails as it tries to wipe /dev/sda… and that’s the USB stick (the SSD drive is under /dev/nvmexxxx). If I try to specify where to install antergos manually, I can setup all the partitions but I can’t continue with the installation (the right arrow is gray).

    Isn’t NVMe supported by the installer?


    Luis Vicente

  • I solved the problem… I forgot to define the /boot/uefi mount point.

  • @Krychek said in Problems installing antergos on NVMe drive:

    I forgot to define the /boot/uefi mount point.

    hehehe… I remember doing a few things like that when I tried installing Antergos for the first time! It was a disaster😄.

    Keep trying, never give up. In the end, you will find that it was all worth it

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