• Extensions update issue

    hi , If you update shell extensions, the old version continues to work.
    I installed the latest version of the dash to dock plugin from the antergos repository. The features that came with v60 did not work.
    And then reinstalled from https://extensions.gnome.org. The same result.

    alt text

    Release notes (v60)

    New feature: implement windows thumbnails popup menu [franglais125: c7108993, 9a4e2f5d, 31fb0597, 3c9f7f3b].

    Not work for me

    Release Note

  • @unc Hi (Selam 😄),

    This seems to have worked for me, you just need to edit the settings.

    “Behavior” (Davranis) -> “Click Action” -> Select “Show window previews”

    After this, it should work. You need to click the app icon to see the previews.

  • @unc reboot (or pkill, or logout)

  • @psscnp142 hi ( selam dude ) :)
    The old preview you mentioned.

    alt text

    alt text

    I tried all of them, unfortunately it does not work. There have been issues related to extensions for a long time. But I never thought it would be like that.

  • Huh, weird because I have the new preview both for my laptop and desktop.

    So, there are couple of things you can check:

    • Are you keeping back any gnome related packages? If so, extension may require newest gnome.
    • There is a git version from AUR, you can try that as well.
    • Maybe, you have some extensions interfering with dash-to-dock. Sometimes, it happens.
  • @psscnp142
    I will try the git version. probably not working in the other updated extensions .

    Can I look for a place where extensions cache?
    Because when I uninstall and reinstall the plugins it comes up with the settings I used most recently

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