Consonance is a lightweight GTK+ music manager that aims to be fast, bloat-free, and light on memory consumption.
It is written completely in C and GTK+. Some of the features are:

  • Library management using sqlite3
  • Multiple views
  • OSD support
  • Tag Editing
  • mp3, ogg, flac, modplug, wav and Audio CD support
  • submission
  • Playlist management (M3U)
  • DBUS management interface

The dependencies of Consonance include: dbus-glib, flac, gtk2, libao, libmad, libnotify, libsndfile,
libvorbis, sqlite3, libmodplug, libcdio, libcddb, libcurl and taglib.

aur/consonance 0.5.1-13 
    Lightweight GTK+ music manager that aims to be fast, bloat-free and light 
    on memory consumption

yaourt -S consonance