• Steam games running, but not launched.

    Hi all, could you please direct me , where should I look for solution with described problem. I have Insurgency and Day of Infamy , both of them won’t start, in steam I can see - Running, and that’s all.

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  • @Velkerk
    Thank you, when I run this from CLI it works. Can you give a hint what this commands for, do I need to run them all the time, why I need them in the first place?
    I just wanna know, what is this all for, because without this commands, games won’t run, I tried.

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  • @Velkerk I see. Any idea why games don’t not work if I launch steam from a shortcut, but works from the terminal ? Basically it should work both ways or neither.

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  • @Velkerk Alraight, thank you, will dig it on my own, much appreciated.

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